How good are your team at winning new business? Are they working smarter as well as harder?

Consistently winning more new clients is the life blood of a growing business. It’s also the hardest aspect of most 360 recruiters’ jobs and in turn the hardest part of a manager’s job. Making sure people are on the phones every day isn’t enough, you need quality as well as quantity if you’re going to be effective.

This course helps managers put processes in place to support consultants. Help them get more from their business development activity by adding value to clients in every contact. Help them develop a consistent pipeline in good times and bad. Help them get better at winning new business by monitoring their progress and providing feedback and guidance.

The key to winning new business is to work harder and smarter

What does this online course cover?

  • Ensure a consistent process in place to assessing customer satisfaction
  • Action planning to convert a new single vacancy in to repeat business.
  • Maximising cross selling and upselling opportunities across an organisation
  • Structured account management strategy to increase client loyalty, quality of business, fees and board level relationships
  • Ensure the “company” has the relationship with the client not just the “top biller”
  • Managing relationships with HR, Procurement and how to deal with  PSL requests

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