Author: Sam Burrough

How Do You Train New Recruitment Consultants?

Hiring new recruitment consultants is a great sign of a growing, confident business. Assuming you can find and hire good candidates, which we’ll save for another post, you need to look carefully at how you onboard new hires. If you get it wrong, both the direct, and opportunity costs, can be huge. Turnover rates for new recruitment consultants are insanely high. How can better on-boarding help? Set Them Up For Success You need to start with a plan. Hopefully you’ll be recruiting regularly because you are growing, not because you’re churning staff. Even if you’re a small business, who...

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Bitesize Learning – Find time with Take 5

Learning at work, is a lot like trying to adopt a more healthy lifestyle Everyone knows they should do it, but it’s hard to build a sustainable habit without some help. It can feel like a mountain to climb, unless you break it down into small chunks that you can easily achieve. That’s one reason why top companies are moving away from formal training to more informal, bitesize learning. How does that apply to learning? Just like exercise and healthy eating, learning is more effective when you do it every day. Over time, small achievements build up and give...

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What’s The Point of Recruitment Training?

What is the point of recruitment training? I mean what do you really want from it? Before we dig into that, and a few other important questions, let me introduce myself. Hello, I’m Sam Burrough and I’m in charge of creating the online training experiences at Elevated. If Alex is the recruitment geek, then I’m the learning/training/design geek. I’ve spent the past 12 years working in e-learning and training roles. Over that time I’ve written lots of blog posts, regularly participated in debates, been invited to speak at conferences and designed many, many hours of e-learning. If you’re reading...

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