Author: Alex Moyle

Catching the Bolting Horse

Chasing sales leads is a bit like trying to catch a horse that has already bolted.The similarities lie in that the horse already has a fixed destination in mind,  It is moving at speed and generally reluctant to have its course changed.  The only benefit of chasing a sales lead over catching a bolting horse is that you are unlikely to get kicked when you get to close (other than the occasional fly in the ear you may get from HR or procurement!)So what are the keys to successful horse catching or lead chasing?1.  Get the attention of the horse without...

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Scared of KPIs?

I have experienced a strange phenomenon recently. I have spoken to a number of sales leaders of late who have a clear billing target for their business but seem to have a fear of any other sort of targets for day to day operations, i.e. Operational KPIs or dictated processes for their businesses. Why would this be?If done well KPIs or a process framework should represent: – A simple framework of “The Way Success is Achieved Around Here” to support the organisational values  – A way for newer or mid-level consultants to plan and structure their day to grow...

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